Environmental Wellness Assessment

My home and workplace are comfortable

The quality of what I eat is well-balanced

The quality of the water I drink is good

The quality of the air I breathe is good

I feel secure at home and in my place of work

I am able to sleep well at home

My work environment always helps me perform at my peak

I can easily change / help make it better

I can function efficiently in the places of my dwellings

My work area is clean, odour free and well lighted

Congratulations! on completing 1 out 6. Move on to go on Spritiual Wellness Assessment

  • Strongly Disagree 1-2
  • Disagree 3-4
  • Neutral 5-6
  • Agree 7-8
  • Strongly Agree 9-10
Be truthful, Be courageous, Be honest - Remember you are only helping yourself