What we offer

We help leaders nurture employees to build themselves to love the work they do and enjoy stretching themselves to grow thus helping them open up limitless opportunity and money within weeks”

Prospect – Working adults, people managers, early career feeling stuck and vulnerable, not knowing what to do and how.

Transformation: From problem-unaware to a new realization of how their work is building value for themselves thru a 3-step proprietary concept and framework.

Congruence: At EP we have been practitioners of this from 2014. That’s why our consultants have continued to gain in stature even after letting go of 5 figure monthly salary.

Service/Inclusion : 40 minute in-company leadership onboarding workshop, program co-creation and communication, PEAKISM 3-step assessment, review report after each workshop, meet up with employees post class for 2 weeks to coach and support what’s the next thing they want.