Emineo Pursuits® partners with organizations with employees worldwide to conduct workshops on the actionable nature of Holistic Wellness.


We provide the methodology, tools and breakthrough practices on how to achieve and sustain it.


We leverage cutting edge research to help you know what distinguishes best companies’ efforts in creating great workplaces.
Made me spend time to reflect on the importance of all the key aspect of life that is helping in holistic wellness activities.

Its about learning about myself in the 6 Dimensions. In fact it gives me the opportunity to know myself even more. With it, leverage on my strengths to help build on the weaknesses.

From Hari Gurunath generous sharing of his knowledge. I had an open eyed experience and learnt to see and feel things in a different way. This definitely benefits my work and personal life.

Its an awakening session that helped me to reassess evaluate myself in making mindful decisions to achieve a more balance and purposeful life.