VERSATILE RESILIENCE™ Practitioner Certification program for the community and the troops

Birth of VERSATILE RESILIENCE™ Our Block-buster mental illness prevention and defence Program

Human beings face adversity from the time we are born. Many of us eventually figure out how to overcome it. But can there be a faster way ? With less collateral damage and heartbreaks? The answer is Yes but a majority of us 7 Billion people don’t know how.

VERSATILE RESILIENCE™ is meant to change that:

VERSATILE RESILIENCE™ “is a learnable set of thinking skills and overcoming behaviors, that one exhibits when facing adversity.

Being aware of your own vulnerability-traps and building your own capacity for versatile resilience helps a person know their strengths while facing or looking to face an adversity. This greatly helps neutralizing unhelpful thinking even as they emerge and help preserve critical human relationships, particularly at work, with ourself and our family.

VERSATILE RESILIENCE™ is delivered as a 2-part Practitioner Certification program. In this course bestselling author Gurunath Hari curates attributes of cognitive and humanistic psychology medically reviewed by Scientific Advisory Board — Written by John M. Grohol, Psy.D. on May 17, 2016, that come to play during an adversity. You will learn in a captivating and fun way how to immediately apply it, to not only help you de-stress immediately from adversity but make dramatic progress that would never have been achievable had the adversity not struck.

Here’s a true story. Within hours of that fateful morning of Feb 2014, as he started typing his chapter on the dimension of physical wellness for his book, he got hit with a condition called Bells’ palsy. Kaboom…out of the blue! It paralysed the left side of his face and created extreme physical discomfort and cognitive burden. It was tough, and although he was totally unprepared for grappling with this, by then he had learnt the secret formula to manage it as best as possible.

He overcame this condition in about a month when it normally should take 6 months to never.

How did he achieve that?

This course has the answers. You will get to learn unseen behind the scene Rubics-cube solutions that a few amazing human beings who went through unimaginable adversity taught him. Like Prof Wong who became blind at the age of 11 and went on to earn his PhD from Cambridge battling unthinkable adversity. Those Learnings allowed him to not just overcome a period where he lost a child, he lost my job and he lost my father all in the span of 1 year. Talk about bad luck… does that sound familiar ?

Let’s face it . . . . . over time life has gotten more complex. Just over a 1000 years ago human life was not too dissimilar to what you see in the African Savannahs even to this day. We are the only species who have “complexified” our life so much even to meet basic needs.

Here’s a scenario which many of you can relate to. Let’s say we need to buy a watch. 10 years ago, you’d have stepped out of your house and reached the nearest store (good for well-being), shopped around with a potential to interact with other people (good for well-being), paid for it and returned home.

Today we can do that ‘on-line’(loss of opportunity to go outdoors and improve well-being ). But here are the stressors that comes with this new ‘normal’:

  • It won’t arrive as quickly and surely as you going to buy it yourself (lost opportunity for endorphins -the feel-good hormone)
  • You don’t know exactly when it will arrive (anxiety – cortisol )
  • You wouldn’t know if what you are ordering is what you will get until after it arrives (anxiety)

It may not arrive at all. In that case you can tell, we get hit randomly with unnaturally triggered adversities. Some self-inflicted, others beyond our control which we are not always equipped to overcome in life.

Gurunath Hari has had his fair share of adversities all through life…… to this day. He knows first-hand what it is like: to grapple with life’s challenges not having a clue about where to start and how to overcome it.

Importantly it allowed him to use these adversities to start building the springboard for a more productive and fulfilled life. He invested 2 decades of his life studying the mind and behaviours of these amazing people like Prof Wong and others featured in his book, to distil and perfect the formula.

The program takes special care to enhance the learning experience even more by sprinkling it will several ‘sink-in’ activities, where you’ll be able to start having light-bulb  moments that you can apply instantly. With bonus content to become a certified Versatile Resilience practitioner.

You are just a click away from getting more insight so you can figure out if the program would be useful for you and for your associates.

Click here to Email your interest to ask for information and appointment so that can you and your associates can also not just become resilient at one or two things but help you achieve Versatile Resilience™ whereby:

  • You’ll be able to take any punch that life may throw at you,
  • You become more adaptable to changes and
  • Know what you could do to dust yourself off and blaze forward.

Come join scores of folks who have benefited greatly from this program.

Looking forward to teaming up with you…



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