We are a social enterprise applying cutting edge research in Holistic Wellness and commercial strategies to maximize improvements in human and environmental Wellbeing in a holistic way. Our revenue comes from sales of “The 6 Dimensions” book, Consulting and workshop fees. We partner with leaders in behavioural change management and implementation. Organizations like Pro-Change Behavioral Systems, The Tracom Group, The Work Foundation, Lancaster University UK to name a few.


More importantly its about you. Its about you and meeting your aspirational Goals be it personal or corporate by helping you surf adversity and maximize favorable circumstances. Whether you are an individual or a corporate, an employee or a university student. Emineo Pursuits is focused on providing research-based proprietary motivational self-development workshops and courses and leadership training services.
The workshops are based on the findings in the book “The 6 Dimensions: Overcome Presenteeism, Excel in Work and Life” by Gurunath Hari.

The mission foci of Emineo Pursuits is Holistic Wellness as a pursuit for workforce development, community, economic development, education, and health with potentially huge financial impact.

Gurunath Hari

CEO and Principal Consultant Data Scientist

Practitioner experience
  • Founder and former CEO, 1 Cloud Hub Pte Ltd.
  • Former Leadership Facilitator HP
  • Global cross cultural performance development evangelist
  • Leadership to Employee well-being ambassador
  • Author of Amazon Bestseller book on presenteeism
  • From Presenteeism to PEAKISM™ published in HRM magazine Dec 12/15
  • NGO HR and Strategy consultant to the Management committee, board and sub-committee
  • Chaired and invited speaker at several international HR congresses


Speaking and Chair

PEAKISM projects delivered

Why we Exist

Emineo Pursuits was established in 2014. Its founders had the foresight to know that presenteeism will be a 21st Century problem that will cause pain to the majority of the human workforce.

PEAKISM™ was invented as the rallying cry to combat this pain.

It is based on the research of world’s leading organizational and behavioral psychologists and captured in the best-selling Book ‘The 6 Dimensions, Overcome Presenteeism: Excel in Work and Life”.

Applications of PEAKISM™ has proven that it works.

The Team: Mentors and Research support

Professor Sir Cary Cooper, CBE

Professor Sir Cary Cooper, CBE

Professor of Organizational Psychology & Health,

Manchester Business School, University of Manchester,
Mentor in chief and inventor of the term Presenteeism
Dr. Kerry E. Evers, Ph.D.

Dr. Kerry E. Evers, Ph.D.

Co-President & CEO

Pro-Change Behaviour Systems, Inc.
11 Factors that act as barriers
Helped connect the dots between Holistic Wellness and Peakism©
Professor Gary Johns

Professor Gary Johns

Professor Emeritus of Management in the John Molson School of Business
Helped connect Holistic concept to Presenteeism

What we offer


We help leaders nurture employees to build themselves to love the work they do and enjoy stretching themselves to grow thus helping them open up limitless opportunity and money within weeks”

Prospect – Working adults, people managers, early career feeling stuck and vulnerable, not knowing what to do and how.

Transformation: From problem-unaware to a new realization of how their work is building value for themselves thru a 3-step proprietary concept and framework.

Congruence: At EP we have been practitioners of this from 2014. That’s why our consultants have continued to gained in stature even after letting go of 5 figure monthly salary.

Service/Inclusion : 40 minute in-company leadership onboarding workshop, program co-creation and communication, PEAKISM 3-step assessment, review report after each workshop, meet up with employees post class for 2 weeks to coach and support what’s the next thing they want.

Our Mission

“To help leaders nurture employees to build themselves to love the work they do and enjoy stretching themselves to grow, thus helping them open up limitless opportunity and money within weeks”

Vision and Value Proposition

Everyone adopts PEAKISM™ We are the Gallup® of Peak Employee performance

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