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This book very effectively uses presenteeism as a springboard to confront corporate wellness in a sophisticated yet practical manner. Gary Johns (PhD, Wayne State) Professor, Department of Management, Concordia University Research Chair in Management

Author of Presenteeism in the Workplace: A Review and Research Agenda

Hari offers a practical and meaningful solution that is applicable to everyone in today’s challenging workplace. By addressing the growing problem of Presenteeism, companies can use Hari’s insights to make a positive change and gain the benefits of fully engaged employees. John R. Myers, President and CEO of the TRACOM Group

Co-Author of SOCIAL STYLE: The Ah Ha's of Effective Relationships

Hari brilliantly counters the challenges posed by the causes of Presenteeism in today’s corporations with the value that pursuing a Holistic Wellness Strategy brings, in overcoming it. Gerry Robert

Author of The Millionaire Mindset

Presenteeism is even a more costly problem for business than absenteeism, and this book helps to understand what an individual can do to overcome it and get better work-life balance. Sir Cary L. Cooper, CBE Distinguished Professor of Organizational Psychology and Health Lancaster University Management School, England

Co author of Wellbeing: Productivity and Happiness at Work

This is a Brilliant Book which provides a Holistic Perspective of how anyone can achieve their Dreams and Goals through learning Amazing Techniques from the Principles of Holistic Wellness as well as learning from people who have Been there Done that. It’s a Must-Read! Cayden Chang, Founder of Mind Kinesis Management Int’l and Mind Kinesis Investments Pte Ltd

Gurunath Hari uses true life stories to present a powerful message that explains the dynamics with which employee well-being and presenteeism interact and provides compelling reasons and ways to institutionalize a holistic Wellness approach for people to sustain excellence in work and life. A must read for all forward looking individuals and organizations. Kerry E. Evers, Ph.D., Senior Vice-President, Pro-Change Behavior Systems, Inc.

Co-Researcher of The Well-Being Assessment for Productivity: A Well-Being Approach to Presenteeism, Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, Volume 53, Number 7, July 2011

The time is now for corporates and employees to sit up and take the advice given in this book as the logical next talent management strategy to drive business results and differentiate themselves from their competition. Jean-Guy Francoeur

Author of Messy Manager

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