Made me spend time to reflect on the importance of all the key aspect of life that is helping in holistic wellness activities.

Its about learning about myself in the 6 Dimensions. In fact it gives me the opportunity to know myself even more. With it, leverage on my strengths to help build on the weaknesses.

Pause, introspect and realize what and where you are headed to (Getting feedback from participant is very good during one of the element sharing).

Set me to think and how to plot my purpose in both work life and family life.

The session enabled us to relook into life of fulfilments, purpose and meaning. It helps me a great deal in improving my personal wellness and corporate life. Thanks!

Hari’s talk was wonderful and has set me thinking about what I am set here to do. The 6 dimensions mentioned are also key to a much more holistic life and I can see where the workshop eventually lead to work-life balance. It has also set me thinking, evaluating and deciphering which areas I world want to work and rethink on. Thanks a ton for the inspirational talk.

Understanding learning and finally unravelling the Grand Central Purpose of my life in a simple and lucid way. It fits well to my goal in life as well as to my work – a perfect model to improve and **prove our daily lives.

Its an awakening session that helped me to reassess evaluate myself in making mindful decisions to achieve a more balance and purposeful life.

We always take things we know for granted if not we are always in a denial that there are elements that do somehow or other play an impact in our lives. With this workshop it not only make me realize that I have things to work on, address things to make me a better person. Other people around me will and can benefit as well.

It makes me start to think in a different way. Tried to look inside of myself. It also let me know how important that open your mind is.

From Hari Gurunath generous sharing of his knowledge. I had an open eyed experience and learnt to see and feel things in a different way. This definitely benefits my work and personal life.

Identifying which are the key attributes that can bring about a more fulfilling and successful life. This session provided me with the tools I need to move on in life with more meaningful purpose.

Hari sends a timely reminder on things we take for granted. Explicit examples were given of the effects and co-relation of the 6 dimensions. I love the story about getting strangers’ telephones numbers.

An eye opener to a whole new concept- Holistic wellness. Doing the assessment ie. Holistic wellness teller assessment was a powerful self-evaluation test on where we stand on 6 dimensions. Mental, environmental, financial, spiritual, social and physical. Definitely worth the time attending Hari’s workshop.

The 6 dimensions framework helps to bring clarity to my life. It has helped to put all variables of life into a structured manner and most importantly has tools to help us manage these variable and take control.

Got me thinking and focus on my path of spiritual wellness.

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