Raising the Holistic wellbeing of officers in the Services

The Indian Army is the world’s second-largest military force and is the world’s fifth-most powerful military.

PEAKISM™ Holistic Wellness assessment, debrief, one-to-one coaching and recommended follow-ups

The GOC-in-C of 20 Mountain Division recognized that there was significant blind spot among officers and cadre on their holistic well-being and wanted to proactively address it.

Deep personal insight and roadmap to change behaviors. One-to-one coaching gave new clarity and purpose to senior officer upto the rank of Maj Gen to regain intrinsic motivation

Improving employee Wellbeing on 6 Dimensions

Edenred is a 10,000 employee French company specialized in prepaid corporate services

PEAKISM™ Holistic Wellness assessment Suite, data analytics, debrief and recommended follow-ups

Employee Holistic Wellbeing raised. Awareness increased Organization Wellness Index provided for follow-up action at individual levels.

Deep personal insight and roadmap to change behaviours

Enabling Industry 4.0 transformation

HP Inc Inkjet Supplies organizations is a 2000-employee Global Business unit

Customized assessment, empathy interviews, data analytics, Herzberg’s theory based analysis and actionable insights

Managers engagement was at a low point and was a key concern to Senior Management

Double digit improvement in Employee engagement within 6 months of following up actions, paved the way for a smooth transformation journey