What Energizes you

What Energizes you

I’d like to get your inputs to the subject.

As we go thru our day, our Energy level peaks and ebbs. Often we ignore it and soldier on. Occasionally we get pushed to do something about it. Maybe out of concern to be attentive in an upcoming team meeting or simply being in a positive and energized frame of mind while returning home.

Below are a few. The only twist here is that it has to be something that energizes you in 5 mins. or less from the time you reach out to it.

  • Turn on your energizer Music
  • Munch your energizer Food
  • Sip your energizer Beverage
  • Indulge in your energizer Physical activity
  • Play your energizer Computer Game
  • Play a Real-world non-computer game
  • Go talk to a friend
  • Think of a time you felt like a Rock Star
  • Take a power nap
  • Read a fun book

Have your say. What is your way…?