Spiritual Wellness

We talked about the 6 situations or circumstances our social circumstances, our financial circumstances, our physical circumstance, our mental circumstance and our environmental circumstance. A newly evolving circumstance is our spiritual circumstance. Circumstance is a fact or condition connected with or relevant to an event or action; An event or fact that causes or helps to cause something to happen, typically something undesirable

Lets talk a bit about the last one..Spiritual Wellness. VIktor Frankl invented what’s called Logotherapy. What might be the connection between Logotherapy and our group’s theme? A lot. Logotherapy is the powerful psychospiritual wellness aspect of existential psychology that was developed by Dr. Viktor Frankl who was the successor to Sigmund Freud and Alfred Adler in the Third Viennese School of psychiatry. The core of this therapy lies the belief that besides Maslow’s Motivational theory of Needs, there is one other need i.e. to live with a consistent sense of meaning. You can find more practical resources here;http://www.logotherapy.fulfillmentforum….Next week we’ll touch on more ideas to maximize our Spiritual wellness. Before i go i share a story

My Son, 11-year old, was going thru his growing years and was out of school last week overcoming mild case of chiken pox. As we did not want him to miss out i called his form teacher and let him know what’s going on. We talked about options to get his home assignments to reach him. After assessing various options the form teacher suggested the following: He will swing by my apartment twice a week and drop this assignments in our letter box. My son will complete these assignments and send in scans of his work via Email. The form teacher would then distribute the work to the respective teachers. i thought that was brilliant on many fronts. Above all was the meaning that both the teacher and my son were deriving from this. My son will grow up and am sure will recall this gesture when he gives talks as an adult and for his form teacher, he is going to have one father of his pupil, who is on the way to idolize him in all of Singapore by writing about his care and effort in the main newspaper forum. Here’s why. On the second time he tried to drop in the assignments he found the slot was locked–something i do to prevent spammers– He smsed me when i was in a meeting. 10 mins later when i responded her replied..”not to worry, i have handed over the assignment to your wife”. In this day and age? WoW!! That was way beyond anything i expected. My son’s gone to school today after this ‘break’..Lets see what he comes back with :)

Perfect happiness for him while undergoing a phase of imperfect life!

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